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“Take Care”


I called my parents tonight, like I have the last 4 nights I have lived in Arizona (it still feels weird to say I live here, my home will always and forever be in Cali!) We chatted about what we were up to, how the weekend went, how HOT it is here, etc. When I hung up with my dad, he said something that was like a sharp pain in my stomach. "Take Care." I thought take care was something you say when you see someone once a year, maybe an aquaintence, someone from work, your neighbor, but not to your daughter, at least not my dad.

My dad and I have such a special relationship, we have this silent, unspoken understanding of eachother, and a bond that grows stronger each year I get older. I respect his wisdom (trust me, he knows everything!!), I admire his calmness, adore his sense of humor, and love that I am his daughter. Dad, if you are reading this, please dont ever say take care again, it reminds me that I am 470 miles away, and I hate that part of it!

This picture Araxi took of my dad and I just as we were walking down the aisle, is priceless, I think my favorite of the ones I have seen thus far. I love the cute smirk on his face, next to my nervous smile. I wished that walk was 10 miles long, it was a special moment with just us that I will hold close to my heart always.  

I cant wait to go home for the first time to visit, I miss them all so much already!!

beanaAugust 3, 2008 - 9:05 pm

i miss you and i love you lots
the exclamation point on this computer doesnt work, otherwise i would have put a few…

momAugust 4, 2008 - 12:21 am

I hope this is not a duplicate as I’ve tried to post a comment already. So here I go again…… when you were just a little girl, under 5 years old, I said to your dad that I thought you were special – not that any of your cousins were NOT – just that you were EXTRA special – and he said “I know”. At the time we did not know exactly what that meant, but the way he said “I know” was the beginning of the wisdom he has shown all of us. We are all so very lucky and I have been counting my blessing more and more each day that passes. I miss you so much but I also know that time and distance will never seperate our hearts.



Forgive me for a long post, but seeing as this is a new blog, I am updating the last year of my life into one post.

I am sitting here writing this blog post at my in-laws house in Arizona, Michael (my husband, it still feels weird to call him that!) and I moved in here a week after the wedding, and are staying until we figure out where we are going to live (that deserves its own post with all the thought we have given it, more on that later!)

Rewind 3 years. Michael and I met in September of 2005. It really was love at first site (I know I know, so cliche). We hit it off immediately, and soon spent every day together. In 2006, I started nursing school. Talk about a damper on a relationship. He was so patient with me, always giving me my time to study, and always listening when I would cry about how hard it really was. Those were the hardest and most challenging 2 years of my life, I never thought I would make it through, and am still in shock that I am a nurse. Me?! A NURSE?! Other peoples lives are in my hands, NO! Yes, its true, I am a nurse, and I love that I chose this career, it is so rewarding and full of personal fullfilment, not to mention the hours rock (the pay isnt too shabby either!). My graduation day was such a milestone in my life, and everyone was there to celebrate it with me. My grandma, parents, my sister, my cousin Christine and her adorable little girls, my aunts, my in-laws, friends, instructors, etc. (I wont mention that I only have one picture from that day, and its not even with family members, its a sore subject). Michael was so proud of me that day, and still reminds me daily how proud he is of how far I have come.

We got engaged in May of 2006 (deserves a post of its own) and married on July 12, 2008. It really was the best day of our loves and I am sure I will be plastering the photos all over for the next year from my awesome photographers (and friends), Chelsea and Araxi.

We went on our honeymoon, which really wasnt a honeymoon because there isnt anything super romantic about being sick for 7 days straight while your in paradise. I am still apologizing to my husband and begging him to let me make it up to him! 4 days after the honeymoon, we packed our uhaul and headed for Arizona. The decision to move was one we had been pondering for a loooong time, and while I am still not 100% sure this is where I want to be, its all part of lifes adventure and I am trying to make the best of it.

Lets be honest, California real estate is RIDIC!! There is no way we would ever be able to afford a nice home and live comfortably there, which is extremely depressing because my entire family is there, but it was the best decision for us and we are happy we did it, for now anyway. So, thats where we are, living in Arizona, starting our jobs here this month, and trying to decide if we are going to go for it and buy a home, or possibly rent for a while until we figure it all out. I plan to update this blog frequently for my family and friends back home to read, as well as the new friends I make here, and my friends on the web.

Exactly what is a blog you might ask? Well a blog is a journal of sorts really, its a place for you to write as often or as infrequent as you like, about anything and everything you like. For me, its a place to document the little things in life I like to celebrate, because if you dont celebrate them, they end up being forgotten, and all your days begin to run together. I always want to remember my life, my feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, what makes me me. It might not always be fun and exciting, but thats life. I want to remember where I am each day, week, month and year. I want to have a place to look back to in 5 years and remember where I was, and how I got to where I am. There is no way to predict the future, but I always want to remember my past. I love telling stories about my life, because I love the memories it brings back. So, this is it, my blog.

Goodbye Blogger!

I could no longer stand blogger, the time it takes to upload photos alone is ridic! Typepad will be my new home from now on :)

Happy Blog-Birthday!

Mike and I made it to Arizona this week, after a whirlwind these last 2 months. We are still unpacking and settling in here, so lots of updates to come, the wedding, honeymoon, new jobs, our house hunt, new puppy, etc!

momAugust 3, 2008 - 10:13 pm

I don’t even know what to say. Other than when you were very young – probably 3 or 4 – I said to your Dad that your were so special. Not that every one of your cousins were not special(becaues every one is) – but that you were EXTRA special – and he said he knew what I meant. Not just beautiful, sweet, and smart – that you had a purpose that few others have. You will touch peoples lives in a way few other ever will. You already have, and this is just the beginning! Just do what your heart tells you, and everything will be just fine. We love you to the moon and back!