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New Years 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope our New Years cards made it across the miles to your homes, we want you to know that as we wrote out the addresses, stuffed the envelopes and stuck on the stamps we thought of each and every one of you, our relationships and friendships, laughed over precious memories, and prayed for your families. A New Year is always such a fresh beginning, maybe the closing of the doors to a tough year, or just the start of a new one with new goals and plans and hopes.

2012 was a challenging year for our family, as most of you know I lost my dad on May 12th and our entire family along with close friends have been grieving his absence in our lives. I had such a close relationship and special bond with my dad, since he passed away I have experienced the most heart wrenching moments of my life. Many days I have felt frozen in time, as if the world around you just keeps on going like nothing ever happened while I am standing here with my world turned upside down. My daughters’ precious ‘Grampy’ ripped away from their tiny little arms at just 1 and 2 years old, I always thought that he would be with us long after their high school proms and college graduations. Like the old saying, the only two things guaranteed in this life are death and taxes. Not to make light of something that seems so dark but I have realized that death is a part of life, just as the sun rising, birthdays passing, children growing up and years flying by. I take great comfort in knowing we will all see my dad again in eternal paradise!

This photo was taken Christmas 2012, the last Christmas spent with my dad.

God has taught us such a powerful life lesson as a result of this difficult process, that experiencing such pain after his death is such a huge testimony to the great love that both he had for us and we had for him. If anyone knew how to love and love well it was my dad. He loved so patiently and purely and lived his life so fully and intentionally.  I can only hope to remind our girls of how great of a man he was by the way that I love them. I know that God has given all of us the gift of being able to love one another as the tiniest glimpse into what His amazing and unending love is for us.

God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

2012 was also filled with more blessings than we can count!

Our 2012 top 5:

1. The girls celebrated their 1st and 3rd birthdays

2. Mike’s business continued to grow in 2012 with the addition of a 4th photobooth

3. We celebrated 4 years of being married and not killing each other

4. We were baptized together in September at our church and have both been involved in ministry and bible study/discipleship

5. We both turned the big 3-0! (yes, we are old!)

Olivia and Gianna are such happy and healthy little girls. Olivia is now in a private Christian preschool and is learning new things every day. Her vocabulary blows us away most days and her sense of humor keeps us laughing constantly. She knows her ABC’s, days of the week, can count to 30, knows more songs than her dad and I combined, still despises food unless its coated with chocolate and loves watching Tangled. Gianna has developed quite a personality over the year, she is not afraid to stand up to her big sister, is starting to put together small sentences, loves to dance and color, and her favorite phrase at the moment is “stop it!”

There is never a dull moment in our house I tell ya! We are so incredibly thankful for the gifts of two perfect children that God has given us, we could not be more blessed!

Thank you for taking the time to check in with our little family, we are continuing to pray for your health, happiness and faith in 2013. Look around a bit to read other randoms about our family and check in throughout the year for more updates :)

All our love,

The Fazio’s



never alone

A few weeks ago I attended a womens retreat with our church in Williams, way up north close to Flagstaff.

I was a little hesitant since we are fairly new at being connected and involved with the church and I honestly only really knew 1 girl that was going to be in my cabin, a few of the girls I had met at a bunco party I went to a few months ago, and a sweet new friend Jodi who would be in a different cabin but we had planned to meet up. A womens retreat sounded way out of my comfort zone but I oblidged after a couple glasses of wine at bunco and hearing the girls talk about how amazing last years retreat was. I am so glad I did! I was so blessed by the women I met, the stories that were shared, hearing their hearts, seriously it was great!

The retreat is at a camp in the middle of a forrest pretty much, its called Lost Canyons and its a Young Life camp. Young Life is an awesome Christian organization whose mission is to reach out to adolescents who may not know the good news of the Gospel in really fun ways. The staff that works the retreats are all Young Life kids who want to go to camp with their own age group and so through working (cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc) they in turn get to go. It was really amazing to be served but these sweet young kids who are really on fire for God!

The speaker at the retreat was CJ Rapp, she has such a gift of relating to women and speaking Gods truths, LOVED her! The theme for the weekend was ‘Never Alone’ and so many things just really struck a cord within me and I know so many of the women I was with. I was so thankful to feel a part of a community of wonderful ladies and made some great new friends.

Interestingly enough, my memory verse for the week of the retreat was Psalm 23:1-3

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul. He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake.

So blessed to come home with a restore soul and rested body!


gianna 16-18 months


My-oh-my little girl, seriously I cant believe how much you have grown these last 2 months!! You are quite the little energizer bunny, your attitude has made a HUGE appearance at 18 months, your like a completely different kid!

At 18 months you are:

-Wearing 24 months/2T clothes-size 5 Diapers-size 6 shoes

-Becoming a challenge at bedtime, all you want to do is play and dance and sing in your crib!

-Have started hitting and will hit anything and everything, or anyone and everyone. Not sure where you got this from since your sister doesnt hit but you sure show your ownry self throughout the day, especially if we dont give you what you want! My favorite is when you hit the wall or couch or any object you can reach

-Learning about time outs and seem to go in quite a few every day. Honestly its challenging for us to keep a straight face because you sit there and look up at us with the sweetest most innocent faces we have ever seen. Daddy does way better keeping a serious face, I cant help it, it just melts me!

-Are really expanding your vocabulary. You say most anything we tell you to say but on your own say: mama, daddy, juice, milk, baba, eat, up, no, please, sorry, woof-woof, mooo, meow, yes, sissy and a few others

-Exploring the world around you by throwing and getting into everything, we cant take our eyes off of you!

-Pretend you can sing but really just hum songs like ABC’s and twinkle twinkle

-Are in daycare 2 days/week with your sister and they just love you there

-Are boycotting food and just throw whatever we put on your tray down. Such a bummer since you were my one good eater :(

-Have so much personality some days I think you are going to over-power your sister, thats saying a lot!

-Are so friendly and will let anyone hold you

-Are still such a cuddle bug

-Love bathtime but have learned to escape from the tub and you laugh hysterically while running around naked and dripping wet!

-Have the nickname “G” thanks to your daddy who thinks all our children should have one letter nicknames

-Are so sweet and loving and funny and crazy all at the same time, we couldnt imagine life without you!

I love you so much baby girl. Every day I am just so in awe of the blessings God has poured out onto me with you and your sister. I know I may not be perfect but God created you both so perfectly for me and I could not imagine it any different.

I love you to the moon and back,


The many faces of Gianna:


Halloween 2012


Halloween this year has come and gone and it was so much fun! We had Grandma Suzanne here for the week with Asher and on Halloween we set up the house with the photobooth for the 3rd year in a row and had tons of fun with neighbors that we have met in the years prior. Grandma Goofy and Papa came along with Auntie Bug and Uncle Haris (aka Gangnum Style) and our awesome friends Auntie Erin and Uncle Kyle. We are so blessed to have such happy healthy kids and loving family and friends to enjoy holidays like these with.

I am not going to lie, I was apprehensive about the holiday because its the first big one without my dad. I just imagined him being there (or watching down) and how big his smile must have been. His grandkids were his pride and joy and I know he was watching down on them with that sparkle in his eye that day. I sucked it up though and enjoyed every moment. The kids enjoyed some pumpkin painting, long naps with grandma, a yummy dinner of spaghetti and of course plenty of sweets to go around. Olivia really got it this year and loved walking house to house to ask (mostly) politely for candy. Gianna happily trotted along and ate any candy anyone gave her and Asher just liked being a “piwate.”

Now onto Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Its so fun as the kids get older to have them participate and really understand and enjoy these fun days of celebration, I know some of my best memories as a kid are of holidays and the traditions my family worked so hard to keep!



It just feels too overwhelming most days.

I am not blaming it on the death of my dad, I would never want to make my dad (or family) feel like his death is what has caused this weight on my shoulders, ache in my heart, fog in my sight.

This feeling like I am stuck in sinking sand and cant make my way out.

I really am not sure what it is.

I feel like there is always something new, a new loss or tragedy.

In March my uncle was diagnosed with Lymphoma and is still battling this horrible disease.

April 15th my dad and mother-in-law both went to the ER at exactly the same time, him for what seemed like no big deal that eventually ended his life, and hers an ankle injury that she is still struggling with.

In May a dear family friend sadly lost her battle to cancer.

May 12th I held my dads hand for the very last time as he went to be with the Lord.

June my boss, fellow nurse, mentor, and friend was let go after working side by side with her the last 4 years.

In September our dear neighbors who we loved and adored, who had 2 daughters the same age as ours moved.

Two weeks ago a dear friend of my sisters lost her 9 year old daughter.

Last week a sweet couple from church who was in the process of adopting a baby from a young, un-wed mother learned that the baby had died. She would have been born later this month.

This week a close friend of my parents is fighting for his life in the ICU.

Last night my husbands cousin who has been battling addiction for years flew out of state to a rehab for the help and detox he needs. How we wish we would have known his struggles sooner, we would have reached out a little more.

Last night a dear friends son who is the same age as Gianna choked so severely he had to be air lifted to a children’s hospital and went through urgent surgery and is on life support.

I know God is there, I know He is in control, I know He is bigger than our problems but sometimes when it just feels like one thing after another you cant help but to let it get you down.

I remind myself daily of the personal covenant I made: I will not let someone else’s crisis become my own.

If I do, it takes away from my ability to pray for and support them. Its so easy to take the burdens and weight of the problems or sadness or struggles others are going through. Its so easy to get sucked in and let it consume you.

Daily I have to say “God is it, He is my number one, He is the sustainer and giver of life, He is in control, His will (not mine) be done.”

Every single day.




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