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Rocco: 3 month letter

To my sweetest little love,

3 months?! I am no longer counting your age in weeks, now its months. Time goes soooo fast. You are such a sweet baby, we just can’t get enough.

At 3 months you are:

-FINALLY laughing

-Almost rolling over

-Wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes

-Not sleeping through the night

-Pretty serious for the most part

-Always interested in your sisters

-Working on teeth

-Smiling at us all the time

-Growing out of that newborn “colic” fussy phase and starting to enjoy just hanging out

-Still love being swaddled super tight

-Living in your swing


I love you sweet Rocco, God is so good to bless me with a son like you and my goal is to honor Him in raising you to be a young man that above all loves Jesus. So blessed to be your mom!

To the moon and back,



Rocco: 2 month letter


I still cant believe you are here! I suppose you could say we have adjusted to life with 3 kids, but it feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with you. You have been such an awesome baby, we are just amazed by you each day. Every time we go out, or someone sees a picture, it NEVER fails, every single time they comment on your hair. “Omg look at that hair!” It catches people off guard because there is so much of it, everyone says its the most hair they have ever seen on a baby. I think you knew you were going to have a big name to live up to so you worked on that hair the 9 months you grew inside my tummy. Either way, your the sweetest most precious baby boy and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!

At 2 months you are:

-Finally SMILING! You started smiling when we would lightly tap your lips and now you smile when we are close to your face and you can see us smiling at you, its so sweet!


-Wearing 3 month clothes and size  2 diapers

-Drinking 4oz every 4-5 hours

-Still loving your swing

-Sticking your tongue out tons

-Making the cutest little baby sounds

-Noticing when people are around you more, especially your two crazy sisters

-Still sleeping next to my bed in a little bassinet type sleeper, your pretty noisey!

-An amazing blessing and I still have to pinch myself that you are my son!

I love you to the moon and back,



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Christmas Letter 2013

Family and Friends,

Its so hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone. Time really does fly when you are having fun! I remember being a kid/teenager and thinking that the weeks and months just dragged by so slowly, now it feels like the blink of an eye and another month has passed or one of our kids has reached another milestone or had another birthday. We have been so incredibly blessed by God this year (and every year) and we love that during this season we can take moments out of our busy lives to reflect and give thanks to him for his hand in our lives.

The biggest change of 2013…

We welcomed our first son into our family! After 4 years of pink and ribbons and sparkles, Rocco was born on October 16th and we already couldn’t imagine life without him! He is 8 weeks old now and such a sweet little guy. Even though its only been two years since our last, we forgot how much life changes with a newborn baby around! Days revolve around bottles and binkies and swaddles and if he pooped but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are looking forward to watching him grow and to seeing how he makes his way in a house filled with girls!



Miss Olivia is 4 and a half and keeps us on our toes every day. She is in Pre-K and doing so well. She can write the entire alphabet and her numbers up to 14, she can write her name and is learning so many songs and bible verses. She loves her teacher and that there is another “Olivia” in her class, they have become the best of friends. She loves to color, do “homework” and ride her scooter. She is quite the chatterbox and loves asking tons of questions. We are just amazed with how smart she is every day and she has become quite the little mommy to her baby brother.


Miss Gianna is two and a half and our little comedian. She is super sweet and funny and keeps us laughing all the time. She beats to her own drum, in a ‘middle child’ sort of way, and is really happy just playing by herself or being off in her own world. She loves coloring, getting into moms makeup, eating, and playing with her baby dolls. She loves her little preschool program she is in and her teacher Miss Gloria, every day she comes home with tons of art projects that she is so proud of, its the cutest. She loves her little brother and every morning when she wakes up has to see what he is doing and how she can help. We are still in the process of potty training, shes got a stubborn streak in her, but by her vocabulary you would think she was at least 3!



As for mom and dad, we are doing great. We moved in August of this year to a larger home in a more central area of Arizona, east Mesa. It only took us 5 years of 120 degree summers to get a pool! Mike’s business continues to do well and this year he added his 5th photobooth. The biggest blessing of all is his ability to work from home and be with our girls while I am at work. We are praying about the direction of the business in the upcoming years and are so thankful for where it has gone already. As for me I am back to work from maternity leave, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know I am an ICU nurse at a hospital in Gilbert Arizona. I have been there 5 years and really have been blessed with such an amazing job and the best co-workers and friends I could have asked for. This year I studied my behind off and took an exam for a professional certification called Critical Care Registered Nurse, CCRN, and passed. It is quite an extensive and difficult exam so I am thrilled that it is behind me and that I have the certification. My professional plans for 2014 are to start working towards obtaining my Bachelors degree and after that I am unsure. Right now life is pretty busy working full time and having three little kiddos to take care of, so I am perfectly content with what is already on my plate. This will be the second Christmas since my dad has passed away and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. This week me and the girls are making oatmeal cookies in remembrance of him, he seriously made the BEST!

We are still members of our church, Mission Community Church, and this year both started serving. Mike serves on the usher/greeter team and I am serving in the nursery. We have been so blessed by this church and the community of believers we have met who are like family to us. When we moved away from California 5 years ago, we were unsure where the future would take us. Life was busy and it was hard to make friends or feel connected to anything. God led us to Mission and once we began meeting people and plugging in, everything changed. We have met so many families in similar walks of life to ours as well as older couples who have become wonderful mentors. This year the church announced expanding to a new campus in the community that we just moved to and we are excited to see how and when that will happen and be a part of that.

We know that life is busy for all of you, but we want you to know that even though we don’t talk or see each other as often as we would like, we love and are so thankful for each of you. Keep in touch with us, you can come visit us anytime, call, text, Facebook, keep up with our blog, etc. We hope this season for you is filled with love and happy things, I know for many its a hard time of year but may we all keep our eyes fixed on the real reason for the season and be so thankful that true love and great hope was born in a manger on Christmas Day!

All our love,

The Fazio Family


Rocco: 1 month letter

Technically he is 6 weeks as I am finally sitting down to write this, but close enough ;)


It literally feels like I was in the hospital with you yesterday, but you have already been in our family for over a month and we could not imagine life without you. You are a super sweet and chubby little guy, your sisters are just over the moon in love with you and every chance they get ask to hold and rock you.

At 1 month you are:

-Sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night (most nights)

-Wearing 3 months clothes

-Loving your binky

-Drinking 3-4 ounces every 4 hours

-Love the swing, you are in it 50% of the day

-Still unsure about being in the carseat

-10lbs 6oz

-Wearing size 1-2 diapers (you outgrew the newborn ones days after birth I think)

-Spitting up like a rockstar

-Still sporting the most amazing head of baby hair anyone has ever seen

-Cranky! Your Pediatrician is pretty sure you have acid reflux like your sisters did so we are trying some different things with formula and medication to see if we can help you keep your bottles down and decrease your pain

Your daddy and I along with your sisters love you more than words can say and are so thankful to have you added to our sweet not-so-little family. We cant wait to watch you grow!

I love you to the moon and back,



Rocco’s Birth Story

Our little love is three weeks old today and I feel so thankful to have a free minute to sit and collect my thoughts and write out how he came into this world.

Life has been all sorts of crazy, ya know, adjusting to life with three little’s and a newborn in the house again, every 2 hour feedings, circumcisions, burping and binky’s again. It is all coming back, just took a few days of refreshing my memory ;)

We found out we were pregnant with Rocco in March and in May we learned we were having a boy. I am pretty sure we were in shock and disbelief because we were just so used to life with girls and pink and bows and all things frilly. My hubby was over the moon excited. My favorite thing my whole pregnancy was when he told me he felt the urge to start watching football, since he was having a boy and all it felt like a natural progression of making this home more ‘manly.’ So sweet.

At 28 weeks my blood pressure started slowly creeping up so my OB, who I love dearly, put me on medication and started watching me closer since I had the same issues with both previous pregnancies that ended with c-sections at 37 weeks due to developing pre-eclampsia. At 32 weeks he put me on light duty at work and I started going twice a week for non-stress tests and Biophysical Profile ultrasounds at a Perinatologists office to make sure everything was looking ok and the baby was growing well despite the elevated blood pressures. At 36 weeks my OB took me off work completely and put me on bedrest, to which I happily complied! It was really nice actually to have almost 3 weeks off before he was born to prepare and rest, both of my girls were born on days that I was AT work, so I never had that ‘calm before the storm’ experience.

I saw my Dr on Tuesday morning October 15th and my blood pressures were continuing to go up despite increasing the meds I was on so we decided Wednesday at noon would be the perfect time to have a baby. It is pretty weird to just schedule a time and place to have your baby but that’s just the way it goes when c-sections are inevitable. Plus Rocco had already measured 8lbs 110z on his 36 week growth ultrasound so we knew he would be a decent sized baby and was safe to deliver since he was well over full term.

My sister came to visit on Tuesday night so it was nice to get to be with her a little before going into the hospital, I am so lucky that she drove 7 hours alone with my 3 year old nephew just to be with us! Wednesday I got up, got my girls ready for school like normal and just prayed my little heart out. I had been struggling with really bad anxiety about a repeat c-section, being a nurse has its perks but drawbacks at the same time (i.e. knowing all that ‘could’ go wrong). I showered and did my hair and makeup, packed my bag and off we went. My sweet hubby could sense my anxious heart, even though I was surprisingly pretty outwardly calm, and prayed on our way and multiple times while we were waiting to go into the OR. We checked into L&D and I was so relieved that a sweet friend who is also a great nurse was in charge that day, she was so sweet to go out of her way and make sure I felt prepared and well cared for. It was such a small thing but it made a world of difference.

My nurse, Renee, was an older lady, with 7 of her own children, and she just had the sweetest and most calm demeanor and I feel so lucky she was with me. We did all of my admission stuff, started my IV, signed my life away and waited until the OR was ready. The dreaded Anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about the spinal which was what I had been agonizing over for literally my entire pregnancy. Something about a needle in your back that completely takes away all sensation just scares the crap out of me. I was terrified. I cant even explain the relief I felt when I saw my most favorite Anesthesiologist walk in my room with his calm presence and a big smile on his face. I am lucky that I work where I delivered my babies so I know a lot of the staff from various things. He also was the same Doctor who did my anesthesia when I had Olivia and he made the experience that otherwise would have been so scary really relaxing and enjoyable. I drank the disgusting gastric pH neutralizer and signed my life away yet again, and he promised he would take good care of me. What a relief.

At 1pm I walked with my hubby and Renee into the OR suite, my spinal was done in about 3 minutes and was no where near as bad as I was anticipating. Just a pinch and a burn with the lidocaine and a lot of weird pressure when they inject the medication. They quickly make you lay on your back before your legs go completely numb and do all sorts of stuff to you to make sure its working, like spray freezing cold water in various places because your nerves cant sense temperature or pain in the areas they numb. After 5 minutes or so my OB walked in and his calm presence just made me feel that much more at ease. He did his tests to make sure I was really numb and away he went working on getting my big baby out. Aside from about 30 seconds of the most immense pressure I have ever felt when they were pulling him out, the entire experience was amazing. He came out with a loud cry and looked so healthy and big with the darkest and fullest head of hair I have ever seen. Me and Mike were just in tears looking at him and back at each other. Mike went over to the isolette to be with him, he was 8lbs 12oz and 20.75″ long, his apgars were 9 and 9 and as soon as they checked him out and cleaned him up they brought him to me and made sure I got to actually hold him in my arms. I kissed his face a hundred times and away him and Mike went to the nursery while they finished things up. The CRNA, Barb, who was also with me was so sweet and we chatted nurse stuff and when I started feeling shakey and like I couldn’t breathe she gave me a mixture of something wonderful and I just nodded off until they were done, waking up for little bits of time to chat with my OB. He cut out my old scar and old adhesions and was just so nice and professional the entire time I really truly couldn’t have had a better experience.



They brought me into the recovery room where Rocco and Mike were waiting and we spent a couple hours there just getting to know our sweet baby. The nurse immediately had me do skin to skin with him and we had him latch on and nurse as soon as my arms were able to hold him which was a great experience.


She made sure I never had any pain but also wasn’t too tired to be able to enjoy the experience. My hubby sent pics and texts to the grandmas and sisters who were so anxiously waiting to hear and he was just amazing the entire day. Around 3:30 we went to my room in post-partum and my nurses were all just beyond great and attentive. I slept on and off in the afternoon and baby had to spend a few hours in the nursery because he couldn’t keep his temperature up and his blood sugar dropped too low. That evening we had tons of family and friends come to visit, and the girls got to meet their baby brother for the first time. It was such a sweet and special time for our family and I will treasure it in my heart forever.

We spent 3 nights in the hospital, of course recovering from a c-section is never fun but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was easier than my other two, so long as I kept up on asking for pain medication and walking as much as I could. Percocet does wonders after surgery! My sister was so sweet to stay with me every night and help with whatever I needed, she even helped with my first shower, I love having a sister I am so close with who loves me even at my worst ;)

On Saturday afternoon we signed our discharge papers and just like that we were packed up and on our way home to life with three kids! The girls of course were so excited and just wanted to hold him every 10 minutes, but would get bored after about 5 seconds and ask to give him back. And that’s the story of how our precious son came into this world. I wouldn’t change a moment of it and am just so thankful and feel so incredibly blessed to have him here with us!


JacquelineNovember 7, 2013 - 3:58 am

Oh my, congratulations! Look at all that hair. What a handsome little devil!

Mike "Daddy" FazioNovember 7, 2013 - 7:39 pm

My wife is so amazing. God has truly blessed our family beyond belief. I love that you take the time to capture such an important moment in time!