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Momma Monday 21/40

Due Date:April 10th

Total weight gain:8lbs- assuming still the same, haven’t checked in awhile

Morning sickness: Nope

Cravings: Nothing exciting or different this week, I’m boring I know

Sleep: Great as always

I cant live without: Some type of caffeine daily

I miss: Rolling onto my tummy

I am looking forward to: Seriously planning the nursery and hopefully convincing my family to help me out

Milestones: Feeling her kick from the outsideĀ  :)

Best moment this week:Spending it with my parents and nephew

Goals for the upcoming week: Get few last minute Christmas things, wrapping, some sort of holiday baking

Movement: Still lots and lots

Gender: GIRL

Belly Shot:

Excuse the blurry shot and toothpaste splattered mirror!

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