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Momma Monday 15/40

Due Date:April 10th

Total weight gain: 5lbs

Morning sickness: I think its gone for good!

Cravings: Gatorade is pretty much it

Sleep: Great, as always.

I cant live without: At least one nap a day

I miss: Espresso. I will let myself have some tea or coffee but espresso just seems so forbidden!

I am looking forward to: Finding out the sex of this little one

Milestones: The results of my NT scan showing 0% probability of any abnormalities

Best moment this week: Spending Halloween with my family including a suprise visit from my sister and nephew!

Goals for the upcoming week: I cooked dinner, three  times! This week it will be keeping up on the household chores

Movement: Random flutters, no defined/consistent movement yet

Gender: Its a 50/50 guess. I am “feeling” like this one is a girl but I cant really pinpoint why

Belly Shot:

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