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Momma Monday 11/40

Due Date:April 10th

Total weight gain: 2lbs

Morning sickness: Yep. Since switching to night shift, I swear every morning at 3am it hits me like a ton of bricks. Hoping for some relief soon  :(

Cravings: Hamburgers. My OB called to inform me that I am anemic and should be taking iron supplements twice a day. If you have ever taken iron you know this isnt the most pleasant thing to take so I ate a couple of burgers this week hoping to put it off. I know I need to just suck it up and buy some but I am dreading it! I do take a daily prenatal which has iron in it so its not like I am ignoring my doctors orders completely

Sleep: Great, as always.

I cant live without: Sleep

I miss: Energy and spending time with my husband

I am looking forward to: Taking the gender test this week (yes, I realize this is likely a hoax but I am really curious! It has worked for a few people I know and been accurate so I am going to give it a shot)

Milestones: Being 11 weeks is all I can think of this week!

Best moment this week: Watching O play and be sweet with her baby dolls

Goals for the upcoming week: Cook dinner at least once

Movement: None

Gender: Unknown

Belly shot: Next week!

And speaking of momma-related things, seriously the last couple weeks I cant believe how quickly O is growing up. Every day the little things she does just remind me of such a big girl which makes me sad but so proud at the same time. I have been neglecting her on this blog lately so here’s a recent pic thats one of my favs

Jacqueline at Marbles RollingOctober 4, 2010 - 9:30 am

Oh wow. Those eyes! *SWOON*

You MUST blog about the gender test. I feel like doing something fun like that too. We find out in November, but I’m starting to feel antsy!

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