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Rocco: 7 month letter

My sweet yet crazy baby,

You seriously seem like a toddler because nothing about you is very baby-like these days except that you still drink a bottle. You are quite the little personality around our house! Now that you are crawling and climbing nothing will stop you. Your sisters are constantly yelling “mom, come look what Rocco is doing” or “no Rocco, get down!”

At 7 months you are:

-crawling like a maniac…not just crawling, but climbing and are seriously a crazy baby!

-eating anything I give you, baby food is for the birds. Your favorites are bananas, watermelon, frozen waffles, shredded chicken, peas, sweet potato and of course puffs

-love going in the pool

-still up once a night to eat

-such a monster we already had to put your crib down to the lowest level, you wake up every morning growling and laughing and holding on to the crib bars like tarzan!

 -SO happy when I come and get you in the morning or after a nap, you squeal and have the biggest sweetest smile and huff and puff and growl until we pick you up

 -loving movies. Your favorite is Frozen. Your favorite thing to do is sit in your high chair with puffs and watch it. You seriously get at least halfway through every time

-love to play in the loft with your sisters. You are really brave by the stairs so we have to barricade it with a toybox but you love crawling around and spitting up all over the toys, or standing up on their giant dollhouse and pretending to be tarzan again ;)

-got a haircut! Auntie Beana gave you the cutest little boy baby haircut

-are a really easy going happy baby and we couldn’t love you more!

To the moon and back,


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