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Rocco: 6 month letter

To my sweet son,

You are halfway to a YEAR old, say it isn’t so. These last 6 months have been fast and furious my love, as I am sure the next 6 months will be and the rest of your childhood. I say this every month, but 6 months is for sure my favorite!

At 6 months you are:

-eating puffs and LOVING them. Seriously, you are obsessed with them

-love sitting in your high chair and watching the movie Frozen with your sisters

-are CRAWLING! I wouldnt call it a textbook crawl, but you are on all 4′s and you move from one place to another

-are down to one feeding at night now

-still wake up between 5 and 6 and love watching your Praise Baby DVD’s

-love to smile

-are really photogenic

-are getting much better at hand/mouth coordination

-love your big sisters to pieces

-have THE best hair of any baby, ever. Every single person who ever sees your picture agrees. People seriously cant stop talking about your hair.

-still love your dad the most, he can make your face light up by just walking in the room. I think its because you think your looking in the mirror ;)

-are 18 pounds and wearing 9 months clothes

-are super squirmy and wiggly, you cant sit still when someone holds you!

-are such a joy to us and we couldn’t imagine life without you!

To the moon and back,



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