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Rocco: 5 month letter

My BIG 5 month old boy:

Squeeze your cheeks, touch your hair, kiss your sweet face, snuggle your babyness thats growing way too fast, repeat.

At 5 months you are:

-wearing 6 month clothes

-starting to move around on the floor

-not quite able to sit up but like being in your bumbo chair

-love playing in your exersaucer propped up with blankets

-sit in your high chair like such a big boy

-love your big sisters

-ADORE your daddy, seriously your face lights up when he comes in the room

-have this new REALLY high pitched scream when you want to get our attention. It works.

-will grab and hold toys

-are 17 pounds

-get super messy when we feed you baby food

-every morning you wake up between 5 and 6 and love watching your Praise Baby DVD’s

-smile when you see a familiar face

-are obsessed with eating puffs (a baby snack that dissolves right when it goes in your mouth)

Are the sweetest baby boy I have ever met and I am so honored to be your mom!

To the moon and back,



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