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Rocco: 4 month letter

My sweet super smiley 4 month old son,

I will say this EVERY chance I get, but I still cant believe God blessed us with a baby as sweet as you! Our family would not be the same without you and we are so incredibly thankful for the gift you are to our home.

At 4 months you are:

-smiling like crazy and starting to laugh

-napping 3 times a day

-eating twice a night

-tried your first food, peas, you weren’t a huge fan so we will hold off til 6 months before we try again (I hate peas too baby)

-wearing 3-6 month clothes

-had your 4 month vaccines like a champ

-love just laying on the floor on a blanket and watching your big sisters be crazy and silly

-making a lot of noises

-have the BEST baby hair ever. Seriously no one can meet you or see your picture without saying something about your hair.

-looking a lot like your biggest sister Olivia

Simply amazing. Mommy loves you to the moon and back Rocco!


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