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Discipleship: Week 1


After a lot of prayer and working around of schedules Bonnie and I decided that starting this week we will be meeting Tuesday mornings at 9:30. This week we talked more in depth about what discipleship is and what the commitment is on both her part and on mine.

Here is my commitment:

-I will sign up for a marathon, not a sprint; patient in the process, giving it time to unfold one step at a time, one session at a time.

-I will be transparent and honest

-I will give you the right to keep me accountable and speak into my life

-I will make our time together a priority, meeting once a week for consistency

-I will complete my assignments to the very best of my ability

-I will pray for you

-I will stay with the process until it is complete and I will reproduce or provide for an appropriate face-to-face closure

I eagerly signed on the dotted line, knowing that if I don’t follow those things I have to give up my first born.

Totally kidding.

My reason for seeking out someone to mentor/disciple/guide me in my walk with God is the same reason we seek our various other mentors in our lives for different reasons. In school we have tutors, in our workplace we have people who take us under their wing and train us and show us the way they do things/what works for them, there are hundreds of seminars all over the world with people who are so good and what they do, so full of knowledge and personal life experience that are passionate about pouring it into the lives of others who are eager to learn. That’s what discipling is. Someone who is a little farther along than me, pouring their life and their heart into mine to guide me to live a Godly life. Its really simple when you look at it like that, although I am sure there will be tons of challenges and bumps in the road and times when I just want to give up!

This weeks memory verse:

But by His doing you are in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:30a

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