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Momma Monday Month 8

Due Date: Still April 18th. I tried to talk my OB into bumping it up a little but she said we will just take things day by day and see how it goes. She would rather not deliver unless there is a medical necessity and I totally agree with her- but just really want this chick out!

Total weight gain: 30lbs

Morning sickness: None

Cravings: Random stuff here and there, ice cream, still gatorade, frosted flakes, donuts, and bananas

Sleep: Fighting sleep every night, I keep waking up with leg cramps or weird body parts in my ribsĀ  ;)

I cant live without: Ice!

I miss: Being able to keep up with my house!

I am looking forward to: Seeing my family when they come to visit us

Milestones: We are just about to 37 weeks (aka “full term”), the nursery is finished, clothes are ready to go. Just a few things left to do and we are ready

Best moment this month: Going back to work

Goals for the upcoming month: Getting the last few things done before baby and then praying for a smooth c-section and quick recovery

Movement: All day long, I think she is gonna be super active just like her sister

Gender: GIRL

Belly Shot:

To my dear sweet Gianna,

It is amazing to me that this pregnancy has already come and almost gone, in just a couple short weeks we will have you in our arms and your Daddy and me will share the joy of becoming parents yet again together. We could not be more excited to meet you and to introduce you to your big sister, being a family of 4 will be an adjustment but we are so ready. We have everything ready for you, all we are missing is your sweet little face.

I have to be honest that I am a bit nervous thinking about having a c-section and the recovery process, but with the help of both of our families and your wonderful Dad I know we will be just fine. We talk about you every day and wonder what you will be like and who you will look like. It is hard to not compare you to Olivia since she is all we know. Will you be funny and crazy like her, or more serious and quiet? Will your hair be wild and curly or darker and straight? Will your eyes be blue like your momma’s or darker like your dads? We will soon find out!

I love you to the moon and back baby girl, I cant wait to meet you and

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