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Monthly Archives: January 2012


I think that as parents we need to be more honest and open with one another about the reality that is raising children.View full post »

It’s Potty Time!

So finally after a couple half-hearted attempts, we are knee deep in potty training at the Fazio house! Olivia is justView full post »


I think from the day I decided I would make the 6-year long commitment to go to college to be a nurse, in the back of myView full post »


Today is  Friday January 20th, 2012 My day was/has been Awesome. Spent the morning sleeping after working my 3pm-3amView full post »

A Special Date

The other night hubby and I were lucky enough to score a sitter to watch the girls while we escaped for a much neededView full post »

Words To Live By

From the mouth of my two year old. Today Olivia and I were in the midst of a typical battle, it went a little somethingView full post »

Holiday Letter 2011

After a frustrating experience with printing our New Years cards, I decided to forgo the headache and go greenView full post »

Gianna: 8 Month Letter

To the sweetest baby in the world, My precious Gianna, I cant believe you are just 4 short month away from being 1. IView full post »

So long 2011

Really, you wont be that missed. Don’t get me wrong, 2011 was a year that gave me my second beautiful blessingView full post »