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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Momma Monday 10/40

…a few days late. I swear I have a good excuse! I was on vacation with my family in sunny (and HOT) California andView full post »

Weekly Assignment

I know I have been slacking on this, but since I have ran across this blog I always love getting the weekly e-mails withView full post »

Momma Monday 9/40

Due Date: Sometime in early April, will find out for sure tomorrow :) Total weight gain: 0 Morning sickness: YES. ThisView full post »

The dark side

Ok so not really a dark side, but these were just so funny I had to share. Yes, for the most part, O is a happy go luckyView full post »

Momma Monday 8/40

A fun way to blog even more about the little peanut! Due Date: Sometime in early April, will find out for sure onView full post »


I have so enjoyed my 5 day stretch off work, and while we havent done much of anything, its been so fun just hanging outView full post »

And then there were 4

Or 5 I suppose since we do  have a dog and all. This week he has been so naughty I almost disowned him. I know this hasView full post »

O’s 12-14 month letter

My curious toddler, Its hard for me to even say the word “toddler” when for so long you have been my baby,View full post »