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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Not feeling like writing much about my life today, am not even up for posting a picture. My sweet friend tragically lostView full post »

Momma Monday

A day late. What can I say, its been a battlefield around here, fighting off those horrible naps and all. You know, theView full post »


Not feeling 100% today after hitting up the dentist office and finding out how much money I have to spend on my teeth.View full post »

Sappy on Sunday!

Write about one of the most difficult decisions you have made in your life This one doesn’t require any thought,View full post »

Dear Grandma

It’s me, Olivia, your favorite granddaughter. Mommy saw this picture of us together, and it made her cry. When IView full post »

10 Things

10 things on my mind today, in no particular order: 1. A three day weekend, starting on Sunday 2. My mother-in-lawsView full post »

Writers Workshop

I realize I missed my post yesterday, but I posted 2 on Monday so there!¬† ;) I came across this blog last week, and wasView full post »

To be carefree

Wouldn’t it be awesome for just one day to not know what its like to have to worry about bills, or time cards orView full post »

Momma Monday: Patience

Because its Monday, and I’m a momma¬† :) Patience. Something I strive for every. single. day. Somedays, I feelView full post »

30 day blog challenge: why I blog

Today starts day 1 of my 30 day blog challenge. Yes, I plan to blog something every day for a solid month. That isView full post »

1 year letter

I have been avoiding this post like the plague. In fact, I have been secretly kicking and screaming, hoping that if IView full post »

Baby Ryder

I had SO much fun this afternoon. I seriously love photographing newborns, something so sweet and innocent about them,View full post »