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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Summer Fun!

We have been enjoying every minute of this hot summer here in Arizona, Olivia has been tons of fun lately and we areView full post »

Happy Fathers Day

Since I am unable to be with my dad today, I wanted to show him a little blog-love. Its days like these I hate beingView full post »

Chub Love!

Was going through some photos of O’s sweet cousin Asher, I just love him! I love his sweet personality, he is soView full post »

11 month letter

To my sweet little will-be-one-before-I-can-finish-typing-this girl: This month, I will not write a sob story about howView full post »

Deeeeeep breaths!

Blog? Blog? Is that you? Sitting over there in the corner, completely forgotten about and neglected in the midst of theView full post »