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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

More eye candy of my sweet little girl thanks to my friend Michelle who also did our maternity photos. Gotta love herView full post »

Road Trip!

We braved a road trip to Cali at 2 weeks old, so far she has been really good all things considering and its so fun toView full post »


Love this little girl!View full post »


Sleeping with momma is my favorite!View full post »

Week 2 Letter

Dear Olivia, Wow, mommy cant believe it has been 12 days since you came into this world, what a crazy 12 days it hasView full post »

Happy (belated) Fathers Day!

To my Dad, the best Dad in the world (besides my hubby of course!) Even though I wasnt able to see my Dad on Fathers DayView full post »

Happy Daddys Day!

Olivia wore her only outfit that actually fit for Daddys first fathers day!!View full post »

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We hope you like the chocolate chip pancakes we made you!!View full post »

Just in case…

You didn't see this cuteness on my facebook, here it is again :)View full post »

8 days old

First Doctors appointment: Hangin with momma :)View full post »


Gee, can you tell mommy loves feet just a little?! :)View full post »

Not so long ago….

Mommy looked like this :) (all of the pictures below were taken by Michelle when I was 34 weeks)    &#View full post »

Meeting your Bumpa

Mommy's dad wasn't able to be there the first day you were here, but came shortly after and the first time heView full post »

Happy 1 Week Birthday :)

Wow…I cant believe 1 week has gone by since becoming a mommy…I am sitting here right now unable to even findView full post »