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Monthly Archives: August 2008

I Am….

Got this off a blog, since I had nothing to post about I figured what the heck :) I AM … missing my family I WANTView full post »

Cheap Thrills

Leave it to my husband to find a $9.95 bug zapper and get hours upon hours of fun out of it. Seriously, who knew BBQ'View full post »

Mr. Fazio

All about my significant other :) 1. They are watching TV,What are they watching?The Lakers, Olympics, South Park,View full post »

I love days like today

plain and simple: lazy. I am sitting at the kitchen table watching my husband swim by himself. I should be out thereView full post »

We did it

We bought a house!! After 3 years of debating, searching for homes, going back and forth with what to do, actuallyView full post »

3 Things

The last 3 things I purchased:McDonalds Iced CoffeeNavy scrubs for my new jobA house :) The last 3 places I visited:View full post »

This could be bad

Very bad. There are like 8 new Dunkin Donuts in Arizona, 2 of them very close to where we are. They have the best icedView full post »

On the road again

Back on the road after an awesome weekend in Cali, it felt soooo good to be home. I know its only been 3 weeks but itView full post »


No, she is not the scary looking, military-style but softie deep down instructor, Katie would be on the right. The smartView full post »

I’m Lovin’ it!

If you have ever tasted this creamy, sweet, deliciousness, you must love it too. I am not a huge McDonalds fan, but thisView full post »

Happy Monday :)

Love this goofy pic of Michael and I :) That photobooth was the best thing we ever did, it was so much fun!! My firstView full post »


I start my new job. Granted its a week of orientation, computer training, etc etc, its still my "first day"View full post »

Wedding Questions

Got this from my friend Jen on the space, thought it was cute :) What month & year were you married?July 2008 :) HowView full post »

Home Sweet Home

Very cliche, I know, but today I am missing home. a lot. Maybe the realization that I am starting my job on monday,View full post »

2 Thumbs Down

Do not run out to see this movie, I beg of you. Michael begged me and his mom to go see this on Wednesday when thisView full post »