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Family Update 2015

Hello!¬†We hope this letter finds you well. It’s hard to believe another year has come to an end, while it isView full post »

Rocco: 7 month letter

My sweet yet crazy baby, You seriously seem like a toddler because nothing about you is very baby-like these days exceptView full post »

Rocco: 6 month letter

To my sweet son, You are halfway to a YEAR old, say it isn’t so. These last 6 months have been fast and furious myView full post »

Rocco: 5 month letter

My BIG 5 month old boy: Squeeze your cheeks, touch your hair, kiss your sweet face, snuggle your babyness thats growingView full post »

Rocco: 4 month letter

My sweet super smiley 4 month old son, I will say this EVERY chance I get, but I still cant believe God blessed us withView full post »

Rocco: 3 month letter

To my sweetest little love, 3 months?! I am no longer counting your age in weeks, now its months. Time goes soooo fast.View full post »

Rocco: 2 month letter

Rocco, I still cant believe you are here! I suppose you could say we have adjusted to life with 3 kids, but it feelsView full post »

Christmas Letter 2013

Family and Friends, Its so hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone. Time really does fly when you areView full post »

Rocco: 1 month letter

Technically he is 6 weeks as I am finally sitting down to write this, but close enough ;) Rocco, It literally feels likeView full post »

Rocco’s Birth Story

Our little love is three weeks old today and I feel so thankful to have a free minute to sit and collect my thoughts andView full post »

First letter to my son

eeeeeek! That sounds so crazy to me. My SON?! Our life has been so filled with pink and ruffles and baby dolls andView full post »