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A year

This month is just getting harder and harder as the days are getting closer and closer to the one year anniversary ofView full post »

A year gone by

Feeling rather sad today, I opened Facebook and read this post by my sister and it literally knocked the wind out of meView full post »

9 months

Dear Dad, I cant believe its been 9 months since the last time I saw you. I know I have pictures but they are just notView full post »


Life. It just feels too overwhelming most days. I am not blaming it on the death of my dad, I would never want to makeView full post »


I think in the last couple of weeks denial has left and reality has come to stay. The reality that my dad is gone isView full post »


This week. It just sucks. I can be going along one day perfectly fine and feeling good and it feels like I got punchedView full post »

Finding Joy

I tend to be a glass-half-empty person. I usually see the bad in something before I can see the good. This is a hugeView full post »

hanging in

I’m hangin in there. Life feels like its frozen sometimes and others like it has just flown by. It has been 12View full post »

the last shot

I dreaded this post for so long. Dreaded actually having to plug in my camera and take this photo off of the memory cardView full post »

a new day

I feel like every single day I wake up is a day full of new losses. More discovered broken dreams. More heartbreaks.View full post »

To my dear family and friends

No, I do not have any intent to harm myself or anyone around me. Dont laugh. In the GriefShare class I am attendingView full post »

GriefShare Journaling 2

From the moment you wake up until you crawl into bed at night, what is it like to live with grief? Hard. Lonely. Scary.View full post »

GriefShare Journaling

In the grief support group that I started last week there is a workbook. I joined when they were in the 4th evening butView full post »